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Employment in the Automobile-Motorcycle-HGV sectors

Evolving markets geared towards service trades

  • 37,800,000 vehicles in circulation in France, of which 31,000,000 are private vehicles.
  • 2,500,000 motorised two-wheel vehicles and 6,400,000 HGV and LGVs.
  • 2,400,000 direct and indirect employees.
  • One of the biggest industrial exporters in France.
  • Cutting-edge technology for evermore sophisticated vehicles.
  • High-technology equipment, with specialised IT controlled vehicles (ABS, ESR, ESP, engine management systems, sensors, on-board computers, electronic information management, multiplexing, fibre optics, GPS applications, navigation, safety, computer-aided driving).
  • A strong requirement for highly-qualified managers, technicians and labourers.
  • A variety of trades for the design, production, sale, repair and maintenance of vehicles.
  • Diverse and attractive prospects for qualified young people, having completed technical and service dual training.
  • A service sector in constant evolution, centred on new trade services with strong added value for customers and businesses.