Trainee Vehicle Maintenance Engineer apprenticeship | GARAC - Le Campus de l'Automobile

Trainee Vehicle Maintenance Engineer apprenticeship


Vehicle maintenance in partnership with AFISA

in apprenticeship contract



After a BTS, AVA, MCI, a DUT Mechanical Engineering

Other qualifications non applicable.

Good level of English necessary.

Selection completed on the basis of application, interview, tests.

Age limit: 26yrs



In the case of an apprenticeship contract 3 years

(School-business collaborative course: 1 month - 1 month

or 2 months - 2 months following years of study).



35 classroom hours weekly at GARAC and CNAM


Scientific and technical teaching

Statistics, mechanics

electrical engineering, thermodynamics, materials 

electronics and information technology


Sciences and engineering methods applied to vehicles

Automotive technology, on-board systems, 

Organisation and maintenance methods, 

Quality-security-logistics, pollution control technology

and sustainable development.


Business culture

Written and spoken expressions, staff management, 

Business management, marketing.


International culture

English, international trips.

For any further information about the exclusive Engineer training available at GARAC and CNAM, contact us directly:

  • If you are a candidate: GARAC on +33 (0)134 343745 or CNAM on +33 (0)140 272178
  • If you are a business: +33 (0)134 343740 or +33(0)134 343745