All degrees by training modes | GARAC - Le Campus de l'Automobile

All degrees by training modes

Training School Status
DIMA  Inserting devices by Apprenticeship trades   X a  
CAP • Mécanics Automobile   X  
  • Mécanics HGV   X  
 CAP Bodywork Repair    
CAP Automobile Painting   X  
BAC Pro • Maintenance Automobile X X  
  • Maintenance HGV   X  
  • Maintenance Motorcycle X    
CQP* After-Sales Technician Automobile     X
BAC Pro Automobile Sales X    
CQP* Confirmed Storeman-Salesman in Spare Parts and Accessories     X
BAC Pro • Bodywork Repair X    
  • Bodywork Manufacturing X    
BTS After-Sales Automobile X X  
BTS After-Sales HGV   X  
BTS After-Sales Motorcycle X    
BTS Bodywork Design and Production X    
BTS Vehicles Client Relations X X  
BTS Automotive SME-SMI Management X X  
ENGINEER Vehicle Maintenance and Service              X  

 * CQP: Subject to annual renewal opening