A fixed objective: your academic and professional success | GARAC - Le Campus de l'Automobile

A fixed objective: your academic and professional success

National School of the Automobile, Motorcycle and HGV sectors, GARAC has provided training to over 21,000 young people for over 65 years, from NVQ level to CAP, BAC PRO, CQP, BTS and today leading to qualification Vehicle Maintenance Engineering qualifications, both in the technological and service sectors.

Whatever the academic path, GARAC's mission is to train every student to meet the demands of new Automotive trades and to aid them in reaching their full potential in their academic and professional plans

With this in mind, Garac, thanks to its College of Automobile, Motorcycle and Industrial Vehicle Sales and After-sales, and to its Automobile and Industrial Vehicle Apprentice Training Centre, offers tailor-made solutions, adapted to the ambitions and capabilities of each individual student.Our school-based and cooperative education courses, our professionally recognised educational system, our 19 state and professional qualifications, our ability to develop a sense of responsibility and effort in young people and the importance attributed to cutting-edge equipment and facilities are all solid guarantees for the thriving success of all students and apprentices, provided they have real and maintained motivation.
Garac students and apprentices' exam success rates are between 80 and 100% from CAP to BTS and Engineer, objective evidence
of the effectiveness and commitment of our 100 teachers and 40 collaborators, who all work every day towards one shared objective:
the success of our students and apprentices
Furthermore, Garac is a noted authority in terms of global quality standards. Its permanent commitment has seen the college achieve national quality marks, such as Colleges of Automobile, Motorcycle and Industrial Vehicle Sales and After-sales and Pilot Apprentice Training Centre, as well as the ISO 9001 quality standard, awarded by the AFAQ.
What better guarantee of success can we offer to allow our students to study and to blossom in the best possible conditions?
Tuned into your ambitions and your motivations.
                                          Together, let's create your Success.
Laurent ROUX                        Raymond Vié
Chief Executive Officer            President